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Passionate About Inspiring Others

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I love working with leaders, taking their leadership skills to the next level such that they manage change and create high performing teams. My extensive experience in leading and implementing several change initiatives as well as my academic qualifications in this field has allowed me to cement my skills in this area. I have been successful at implementing many changes with acknowledged outcomes such as having the smoothest change in the organization with no impact to outcomes, staff being properly prepared and leaders confident of the role they needed to play to ensure a successful transition.


 I am an expert in performance management in a union environment and I have trained many leaders on how to be coach leaders and create high performance teams across the province of Ontario. I am an excellent facilitator and I have designed and delivered programs to leaders and teams on maximizing performance of staff, change management, resolving conflicts, communication and team building. I love problem solving and I am able to break down key performance indicators (KPIs) and translate them to coaching goals for a team.  My goal is to make a difference with leaders such that they can be agile and lead their teams in this new norm.

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